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Akademik Proofreading/ Ceviri


I work as a proofreader on the side. I recently completed a PhD program at the University of Sheffield in the Nursing Department.

I work on-screen using TRACK CHANGES, which means that all my changes, corrections, queries and comments are visible in red and you can decide whether or not to accept them. Then, by switching TRACK CHANGES off, you are left with a clean, corrected text with very little retyping to do.  As well as checking grammar, spelling and punctuation, I shall also check for clarity, for consistency, for colloquial style, for idiomatic expression and for sensible flow: if there is anything that I do not understand, I shall suggest more than one correction, or I shall leave a query for you to consider.  I shall not change your ideas or your contents.

My fee is 15 turkish lira per thousand character without space.  You can pay me by bank transfer when the work is completed.

I am usually able to complete work very quickly, and you should receive the corrected work back within two days.  It will help me if you can email me to warn me a few days before you are going to send work to me – this will enable me to keep time available for you.

If you want to use my work, just email me the text as a Word document as soon as you are ready, and I shall work on it as soon as I can and return it to you by email.